Volunteer For Children's Ministry

Our children's safety is our top priority! In order to provide a safe and encouraging place for our children to grow in the Lord, all teachers, volunteers and staff are background-checked, trained and evaluated so that we can provide the safest and most enjoyable environment for our children. All volunteers are required to go through Children's Ministry training, and to live as Godly examples in their lives with a good testimony before all.

To apply for the Children's Ministry, it is expected that you consider Calvary Chapel San Gabriel Valley as your home church and you have been attending faithfully for at least six months. If you believe that the Lord is calling you to participate in this ministry and you are in agreement with the ministry expectations, we would like to invite you to prayerfully complete the Children's Ministry Volunteer Interest Form on this page. From there, the Children's Ministry will get back to you and help you through the application process. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to serving with you as we raise up Godly children in Christ!

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