CPR, AED, and First Aid Course

The purpose of this training course is to teach the lay responder the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to both life-threatening and common first aid emergencies. Participants will learn skills to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies in Adult, Children, and Infants along with skills to care for common first aid emergencies including sudden illnesses, burns, cuts, and more. The use of automated external defibrillators (AED’s) is covered in this training course. After successful completion of this course participants will receive a CPR/AED and First Aid certification card that is valid for 24 months.

We are committed to establishing a safe and healthful environment where we can worship Jesus. That is why we require that all Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Ushers all take this course. We recommend it for anyone that desires to know what to do when the time comes. Anyone is welcome to attend, both from within the body, and our friends in the community!

Date: Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Cost: $35 per person

Location: Church Office