Men's Support Group

While the women are away at the retreat, we invite all of the men to join us as we fellowship, barbecue, and minister to our families! We will be hosting a "Men's Support Group" for dads who are watching their kids, men who are missing their wives, and any other guys looking to hang out with great fellowship, food, and fun! We will be providing the Main course- Meat for the barbecue, and we ask that all attendees bring drinks and either side dishes or snacks. There will be a pool, games, bouncers and a huge yard for the kids, so come out and join us! We will be starting at 10:00 am Saturday, and going through until 6 pm. We need to need to plan on the food and supplies, so sign up below, and we will send you the directions and an address to the location. We look forward to seeing you guys there!  

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